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This version uses the Arnold core. 



MtoA 4.0.3 is a feature release, that is binary compatible with 4.0.* versions. It includes the following improvements :



USD Export: Added the ability to export the Arnold scene data as USD format, either from the File > Export All / Selected menu or the Arnold > Scene Export menu

Bifrost render large files: You can now render Bifrost scenes that contain geometry larger than 4GB

Overriding alembic instances with operators: A new parameter use_instance_cache enabled by default has been added to the aiStandin node to control the internal cache that shares instances between alembic nodes. This parameter can be disabled when using operators to override the procedural contents while make_instance is enabled.

aiStandIn optimizations: The contents of the aiStandin is now cached to make it faster to load large assets, and only need to query the contents a single time. The contents are now only loaded when the tree is expanded by the user.

Batch Render Dialog: there is now a basic dialog that is displayed when clicking the option box next to "Batch Render" in the Render menu.

Support for custom orthographic camera: Developers can now expose their custom orthographic camera on the camera attribute editor by adding the metadata orthographic = true in the node entry

Empty aiVolume render as box: If no file is given to the aiVolume node then it will render as a simple box volume

Solved slowdown caused by swatches: Render swatches were constantly loading Arnold resources when editing attributes, even when swatches were disabled. This was solved and optimized.

Parenting / unparenting is fixed in IPR sessions: Parenting and unparenting nodes was not being updated properly in the IPR.

Fixed regression with aiToon's lights lists: The light names in attributes "Rim Light" and "Stylized Highlight" were not translated properly to Arnold.


Bug Fixes

#4159Windows: MtoA master (for Maya PR 2021) doesn't contain xgen_procedural
#4163selection of objects in .ass aiStandins not working from ARV
#3838Grouping an object and then hiding the object inside the group does not update in the IPR
#4110ARV: grouping/parenting fails in IPR
#4131Export shaders to ass fails with shading engine selection
#4145Remove the Composite shader
#4148Export selected should always export selected Dependency Nodes
#4149Expose missing Arnold shaders
#4153Maya 2020, Bifrost & Caching: Arnold IPR does not update non-simulated animated Bifrost geometry on time changes when Cached Playback is enabled
#4156Don't create an Arnold session for swatches
#4158delay loading .ass and USD contents until treeview is expanded
#4160Use the new AiSceneWrite API
#4162Sheen (Toon) appears in the wrong place
#4165Toon rim light not supported properly with full paths
#4166Toon stylized highlight not supported with full paths
#4171Update Scons version
#4185Extra Attributes moved under Arnold tab on bifShape



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