The base color weight (default is 0.8).


The base_color sets how bright the surface is when lit directly with a white light source (intensity at 100%). It defines which percentage for each component of the RGB spectrum which does not get absorbed when light scatters beneath the surface. Metal normally has a black or very dark base color, however, rusty metal's need some base color. A base_color map is usually required.

Diffuse file texture -> Base Color

Diffuse Roughness

The base component follows an Oren-Nayar reflection model with surface roughness. A value of 0.0 is comparable to a Lambert reflection. Higher values will result in a rougher surface look more suitable for materials like concrete, plaster or sand.


With metalness 1.0 the surface behaves like a metal, using fully specular reflection and complex fresnel.

For a perfectly sharp and mirror-like reflection, increase metalness to 1 and reduce specular_roughness to 0. The base_weight should also be set to 1.

When metalness is enabled, the specular_weight and specular_color only control the edge tint, while the base is still affected by roughness.

The metal appearance is controlled using the base_color (facing) and specular_color (edge tint) parameters. These are automatically translated to physical η and κ values, to achieve the same look but with easily tweakable and texturable colors. Some examples of real-world values for metals can be found below.

  Base Color Specular Color
Aluminium (Al)0.912 0.914 0.9200.970 0.979 0.988
Copper (Cu)0.926 0.721 0.5040.996 0.957 0.823
Gold (Au)0.944 0.776 0.3730.998 0.981 0.751
Iron (Fe)0.531 0.512 0.4960.571 0.540 0.586
Lead (Pb)0.632 0.626 0.6410.803 0.808 0.862
Mercury (Hg)0.781 0.779 0.7790.879 0.910 0.941
Nickel (Ni)0.649 0.610 0.5410.797 0.801 0.789
Platinum (Pt)0.679 0.642 0.5880.785 0.789 0.784
Silver (Ag)0.962 0.949 0.9220.999 0.998 0.998


Metalness values between 0.0 and 1.0 can be used to texture surfaces like rusted iron, where different areas of the surface can have more reflective clean metal and more diffuse rust. PBR metalness maps from applications like Substance Painter can be connected to this parameter.

Rusted iron texture -> metalness


Shaders using metalness textures


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