Use this to convert existing assets from Maya or mental ray to Arnold for Maya.

Shader Conversion Script

There is also a sample conversion script available in the \scripts directory of the MtoA installation folder. For example, in Windows it would be here: 



This simple script converts the following shaders to a standard_surface shader:

aiStandard, aiHair, alSurface, alHair, alLayerColor, alRemapColor, alRemapFloat, alFractal, alFlake, alLayer, lambert, blinn, phong, VRayMtl, mia_material_x_passes, mia_material_x, and dielectric_material.

  • Load the script (as a Python file *.py), and the following message should appear.
  • Choose to convert all of the shaders or just those selected in the Hypershade window.


The Maya shaders will be converted to standard_surface shaders and will approximate the attributes of the Maya shader.


Converted standard_surface shaders render black

Phong reflectivity values convert to coat_weight: 1. This may cause any newly converted standard_surface shaders to render as black. If that is the case, try setting coat_weight to 0.

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