If you haven't done so already, you will need to download Arnold for Maya (MtoA) from Solid Angle's web site. Once you've done that follow these simple steps.

For demo purposes, this guide uses MtoA 1.0.0 and Maya 2014, however, the version you are installing may differ in version and name. Python 2.6 is required to be installed on the system.


  1. After downloading the .run file, open the terminal. Navigate to where you downloaded the file, and then run the file (which is a shell script) with "sudo sh". Sudo is required since the installer needs root privileges are required to configure MtoA for Maya.

    sudo sh MtoA-1.0.0-linux-2014.run


    If you get the message "User is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported" you will need to add your user to the sudoers list. Check out this question on stack overflow for more information.

  2. You will now be taken through an installation wizard. You can scroll with the space key. Then Agree to the End User License Agreement by typing "accept" and hitting enter.

  3. Choose your installation method. This guide advises using "Automatic" (1) mode. The "Extract the package" (2) mode will just extract the package files, forcing the user to configure the module by themselves (see the Configuring by Hand section)

  4. You will now get to pick the installation directory, by leaving it empty and just hitting enter Arnold will be installed to the default directory shown.

  5. You should now see a message informing you that Arnold has been successfully installed.

  6. To load the plug-in inside Maya, go to the Window menu and under Settings/Preferences click on Plug-in Manager


    And load mtoa.so



Configuring by hand

If you have selected the "Extract the package" option in the installer, the MtoA module will be extracted to the given path. The following instructions assume that you are using Linux with Maya 2014 and that this folder is


Next, complete the following steps: 

  1. Set the environment variable MAYA_MODULE_PATH to point to your /opt/solidangle/MtoA-0.24.0/2014 folder (the folder where mtoa.mod is located).
  2. Set the environment variable MAYA_RENDER_DESC_PATH to point to your /opt/solidangle/MtoA-0.24.0/2014 folder (the folder where arnoldRenderer.xml is located). 
  3. Now, run Maya. You should see the Arnold Renderer listed under the Render > Render Using menu. If not, go to Window > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager. If you don't yet see the MtoA plug-in listed, click on the Browse button and locate the mtoa.mll file (under /opt/solidangle/MtoA-0.24.0/2014/plug-ins).


There is no automatic uninstaller of MtoA. But you can safely remove the folder where MtoA has been installed if you use Maya 2013 or later. If you are using Maya 2012 you need to edit the maya.env file as well to remove the references to MtoA







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