Layer Shader


The Layer shader is used to mix up to eight shaders together. It returns a linear interpolation of Layer1 and Layer2 according to the alpha attribute. An alpha value of 0 outputs Layer1, a value of 1 outputs Layer2, and a value of 0.5 mixes evenly between Layer1 and Layer2. Each layer has a flag to activate/deactivate the given layer. The shader expects surface shaders as its input and so blends the AOVs defined on the AOV names tab. It also blends the opacity. Layers are applied in order.


Enable (1-8)

Enable/disable the layer entirely.

Name (1-8)

Layer name.

Input (1-8)

The input value for Layer.

Mix (1-8)

Controls the amount of blending between shaders.


Example use of a layer_shader network

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