Lighting a Room

Modeling credit Giorgio Luciano


Arnold is capable of producing awesome interior renders. This tutorial shows a series of alternate ways to light an interior room from outside. We will also look at alternative ways to light the scene to reduce render times and noise. 

It is not recommended to use a skydome_light for interior scenes. This light is designed for outdoor scenes and is represented by a spherical dome in the background. Multiple importance light sampling will trace rays to specific directions of this dome. However, in an interior scene, most of these rays will hit an object, getting no contribution from the light at all and thus creating noise. In this situation, quad lights or distant lighting would be a better option.

The scene file can be downloaded here (modeling credit: Giorgio Luciano).

All of the HDR maps used in this tutorial can be downloaded here.


The various lighting techniques that we will be covering are as follows:



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