• Once installed, load Arnold for Maya by going to the Plug-in Manager (Window > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager).  

MtoA plug-in loaded in Maya's Plug-in Manager

  • You can see various items of information about the plug-in by clicking on the 'i' (information) icon:

  • Select Arnold Renderer from the drop-down menu in the Render Settings to start rendering your scenes.


Startup Log verbosity

It is possible to use a Maya Environment Variable to control the log verbosity when loading the MtoA plugin. To do this you must add the following text to the Maya.env file. For example:


There are 4 levels for this logging:

0 Nothing.

1 Warnings and errors.

2 Warnings, errors and infos (how many extensions we register, how many shader nodes are created, what plugin is loaded).

3 Everything.

Note that you must first run Maya through the command line or a batch file to view the log in Maya's Output Window (Windows) or in the console (Linux).

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