This tutorial continues from the previous tutorial page. It covers how to create multiple looks for one scene using multiple shaders. We will create an operator graph network that will help us to switch between different assignments or looks and increase artist look dev productivity.

  • Create another Include Graph operator and Rename it to lookdev_1.
  • Create a switch operator. This will be used to switch between graphs that we want to use for rendering.
  • Connect all of the Include Graph operators to the Switch operators Inputs.

Look dev Include Graph operators -> Switch operator

Collection Operator

Let's start building the graph. It is good practice to use a collection operator in this case. When your looks material assignments share hierarchy points for material binding, then Collection operators can control assignment changes from one Collection node. We can do this once and then re-use it for every look.

  • Create a collection operator. Rename it to Color1.
  • Copy the same selection string used for the Set Parameter nodes into the Collection nodes.

Collection operator set to Color1

  • Repeat the above steps for Collection 2.
  • Merge the Collections together using a Merge operator and rename it Collections.

Merge Set Parameters

  • Now we need to merge our material assignment (Set Parameter operators) using another Merge operator.
  • Reconnect the Set Parameter operators to this Merge operator.

Collections -> Merge operator


Use Collection Names in Set Parameters

Next, we are going to change our material assignments to start using the Collections.

  • Select the Set Parmeter1 and change the Selection to #Color1. Repeat the same for Set Parameter2.

Multiple Looks

We can now create multiple looks by duplicating our existing Set Parameter operators that we can re-use (also for different characters).

  • Duplicate Set Parameter 1 & 2 and the Merge operator.
  • Change the Assignment of Set Parameter 3 to use the 'blue' shader.


  • Change the Assignment of Set Parameter 4 to use the 'red' shader.


The final operator graph should look something like this:


  • Select the Target node and export the look.
  • Render the scene. You should now see that the blue and red shaders are now being rendered instead.


You can now change the Switch input numbers to alternate between the default_look and look1. Repeat the above procedure for more look devs, but choose different colored shaders (ie yellow and green).


The final scene file can be downloaded here.



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