Remap input from the [input_min, input_max] range to the [ouput_min, output_max] range linearly. The result is not clamped unless smoothstep is on, and the result is interpolated smoothly and the result is clamped in the [output_min, output_max] range.


Input shader to apply the range to.

Input Min

Minimum input value to be used.

Input Max

Maximum input value to be used.

Output Min

Minimum output value to be used.

Output Max

Maximum output value to be used.


If enabled, remapping is done using a smooth step function. Otherwise, it's done linearly.


Scales values around the Contrast Pivot

Contrast Pivot

The origin of the contrast scaling. The default is 0.18 which is the average perceptual mid-gray.


Push or pull values by altering the slope at the beginning of the range. Bias values below 0.5 decrease the slope and lower values overall.  Above 0.5, the slope is higher, and the value grows more quickly. A value of 0.5 has no effect.


Increase or decrease the slope of the mid-range values. Gain values below 0.5 increase the contrast whereas values above 0.5 flatten the mid-range values. A value of 0.5 has no effect.




'Scratches' texture connected to specular_roughness via a range shader

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