Search Path

These settings specify the search paths used by MtoA to find plug-ins, procedurals, shaders, and textures.

Absolute Texture Paths

Enables absolute pathnames for file textures. For example:


If you select a texture using the file browser, it will work both with absolute texture paths enabled and disabled. However, if you manually edit the text field, it will fail, unless you put the image in the sourceimages folder (which is the expected behavior).

Absolute Procedural Paths

A toggle for enabling or disabling absolute/relative pathnames for procedurals (absolute by default). 

Procedural Search Paths

Defines a location to search for procedural nodes that load ass files (or obj or ply files).

It is possible to change the path name of a procedural outside of the main project. MtoA will search for the ass file in both the file path of the stand-in as well as in the path set by the 'Procedural Search Path'. For example, if an ass file is saved in a folder in C:/temp/ass it will also search the sub folders for the ass file.

Plugin Search Path

Defines a location to search for plugins such as shaders, procedural plugins that create new node types, and volume plugins. 

For example, if you load ass files from a different plugin, you may need to set the plugin_searchpath to load plugin-specific shaders (such as mtoa_shaders).

Texture Search Path

Defines a location to search for textures.