The Shave extension for MtoA allows you to render Shave and a Haircut hair in Maya with Arnold. The Shave extension is not included with MtoA. The extension is a separate download. Note that Shave and a Haircut is the sole property of Joseph Alter, Inc., and must be licensed separately (see for details).

Using Shave and a Haircut with Arnold

  • First, ensure that both Shave and a Haircut and Arnold MtoA are installed correctly, and both plug-ins are loaded in Maya.
  • Next, create a scene with some basic geometry and lighting (remember you will see nothing in an Arnold render without some lighting).
  • Select the geometry, and then choose Select New Hair from the Shave menu:
  • Select a type of Hair from the Shave and Haircut Shave Preset window that appears:
  • Then, make sure Arnold is set as the current renderer, and start a render. You should see your geometry rendered with the hair style you chose. In the picture below, a sphere was created, a directional light added, and Shave's 'grass' preset was selected.

Any changes you make to the hair, such as altering the color, will be visible in your next Arnold render. If you use IPR, you can see the results of any changes you make instantly.

Usage notes

The extension translates a Maya 'shaveHair' node to an Arnold 'curves' node.

There is no special operation needed to render a Shave node with Arnold, but it is possible to customize how the Shave hair node is translated to Arnold.

Custom attributes are added to the node for Arnold visibility, SSS, shading, curves parameters. These attributes are accessible in the node UI under the 'Arnold' tab:

The Arnold tab (above) will not be visible for the hair node unless the Shave and a Haircut extension has been installed correctly.

Override Hair

This attribute indicates whether you wish to override the default hair shading with your shader (which you need to specify vias the Hair Shader attribute).

Hair Shader

This attribute allows you to connect your shader to be used instead of the default hair shading if you wish. The shader will only be used if Override Hair is set.

Note that the custom attributes added by MtoA to the 'shaveHair' node are also added to the 'hairSystem' node for the Maya Hair support.

Limitation: The user interface for the Override Hair Shader attribute (aiHairShader) is not yet fully functional. It is not possible to drag and drop a shader for the Hair Shader in the Attribute Editor. Instead, connect the Hair Shader using the Connection Editor.



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