Sheen Weight

An energy-conserving sheen layer that can be used to approximate microfiber, cloth-like surfaces such as velvet and satin of varying roughness. Sheen is layered onto the diffuse component and its weight is determined with this attribute. Sheen can be thought of as the density or the combination of the density and length of the fibers. 


As well as fabric, Sheen can be used to simulate leaves, fruit or the peach fuzz on a face (best when viewed from a distance).

Rollover images to view without Sheen

Sheen Color

The color of the fibers. Tints the color of the sheen contribution.

(Base Color: dark purple used with above images)

Sheen Roughness

Modulates how much the microfibers diverge from the surface normal direction.

Sheen Roughness randomizes the fiber direction

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