Lights shape name added to light attribute


Specify the name of the key light to be used for the stylized highlight. You can specify multiple lights using a semicolon-delimited string as "lightShape1;lightShape2". The supported light types are distant, point, spot, and photometric.

  • mesh and skydome lights are not supported since they can create blurred results.
  • stylized_highlight does not work with curves. This will be fixed in a future release.
  • stylized_highlight requires subdivision with smooth_tangent enabled, otherwise, artifacts may be visible.

  • The Toon shader relies on UV maps to compute a smooth tangent, without one you might get discontinuities at polygon edges, or patch edges for subdivs. If you assign UVs, the discontinuities will only be visible where the UV map has a seam. You can also attach a tangent source directly to the toon.tangent, but hiding the UV seams may be simpler.

Rollover image to view without Stylized Highlight

Multiple (blue and red) lights used for Stylized Highlight - 'directionalLightShape1;directionalLightShape2'.


An arbitrary texture (or RGB type node) can be used to create a stylized highlight on an object. If nothing is connected, the stylized_highlight is disabled.

Gradient ramp used to control reflected Highlight Color (directional light). Rollover image to view without it.

Using a solid color gives a circularly shaped highlight.

When using a texture connected to the Stylized Highlight Color, the following must be taken into account.

In the example below, the windowed texture used as the Highlight Color on the right teapot renders correctly because there is sufficient space around the image.


The size of the stylized highlight.

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