MtoA supports the following texture tokens, including both the <tile> (Mudbox) and <udim> (Mari) tokens. 

TokenTexture NameTexture PathShape NameResult
<attr:>moon.tx<attr:planet default:moon>.tx  


<tile>texture_u1_v1.txtexture<tile>.tx _u1_v1
<udim>texture_v0001.txtexture_v0001.<udim>.tx 1001, 1002, 1003 etc

  • If 'Absolute Texture Paths' is enabled in the Render Settings, you must enter (or paste) the complete absolute path into the text box. When the string contains the token, Maya cannot resolve the path so it will store only the string that is in the text box. When you use the file browser (and then insert the token, then Maya only has a partial string for the path). See this example video.
  • Disable Absolute Texture Paths in the Render Settings. Then the partial (and unresolved) path will be combined with the texture search path to form the full absolute texture path.



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