If you followed the installation instructions and are still having problems, then try these steps:

If the installer says, MtoA is already installed, but doesn't uninstall it for you

The installer will try to run the uninstall program for the previous installation if it detects that a previous version is already installed. However, if for some reason you moved, deleted or renamed the old install folder before running the installer, it will not be able to find the old uninstaller. You will need to either locate and run the Uninstall.exe program for the old installation yourself if you still have it, or failing that uninstall by either finding the uninstall option in the MtoA folder of the Windows Start menu or using Add/Remove programs in Windows.

If you cannot see the MtoA plugin in the Maya Plug-in Manager

  1. Check that a file mtoa.mod exists in this folder (assuming Maya 2017 is the host):


    And it contains this text:

    + mtoa any C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\2017
  2. Try to set the following environment variables in your system (in theory Maya should automatically add these when it loads a module):


If you can see the MtoA plugin, but it does not load

In this case, or if the plugin crashes when trying to load, try the following steps:

Set the following environment variable:



Remove (and backup) your Maya preferences folder:



Try MtoA using a clean Maya installation.

Try MtoA using a clean or newly configured computer.

If you can see the MtoA plugin, but it is for a different version of Maya

Check that no entries in the System 'Environment Variables' or in the Maya.env paths are pointing to a MtoA path for a different version of Maya. A previous Maya configuration might be seen first in the file. Take into account Maya.env is only used in MtoA for Maya 2012 and for later versions it shouldn't have any MtoA path traces inside.


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