Export MaterialX File

  • First, select the robot geometry (whose shaders you wish to export) and go to Arnold > Utilities > Export Selection to MaterialX.


  • Choose where you want to save the .mtlx file and give it a Look name.



  • Assign different shaders to the robot model (ie red & blue, green & yellow and black & gold) and repeat the above process, but choose Look B and Look C for the Look Name. Choose to save to the same .mtlx file (the Looks will be appended to the file).

Import MaterialX File

  • Create a Procedural Stand-in and open the robot.abc file.
  • Create a MaterialX operator and connect it to the Input of the Stand-in.
  • Open the .mtlx file that we exported earlier in the MaterialX operatorYou should see the A, B and C Looks that we saved to it.
  • Lastly, add /* to the Selection. This will add the Look to the robot selection.
  • Render the scene. You should be able to choose which Look you want from the MaterialX Look and it will update in the render view!



Hopefully, you can see how easy it is to export different look dev files which can then be used to manage complex scenes in a pipeline.


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