Get single-user licenses for Arnold 6

Monthly, annual, and 3-year single-user subscriptions of Arnold 6 are now available on the Autodesk e-store

No more license servers! With a new single-user subscription, you just sign in with your Autodesk ID.

Get a 30-day trial 

If you want to try Arnold for 30 days, all you have to do is create an Autodesk account and sign in.

You need a new network license for Arnold 6

For network licenses, Arnold 6 switches to ARNOL_2020 licenses (Arnold 5 uses ARNOL_2018)

That means you have to log on to your Autodesk account and generate a new network license.

Your new license will include both ARNOL_2020 and ARNOL_2018 licenses, so you can use the new license file with either Arnold 6 or Arnold 5.

Manage licenses with the new Arnold License Manager

There’s a new Arnold License Manager that provides a user interface for:

  • Signing in (and, if necessary, installing the necessary single-user licensing components)
    • Maya and 3ds Max users may also sign in in the main application.
  • Switching between single-user and network licensing
  • Connecting to network license servers
  • Getting diagnostics
  • Installing the Autodesk Network License Manager (super helpful for macOS, where it sets up a plist daemon to automatically restart lmgrd)

The Arnold License Manager is available from the Arnold > Licensing menu in Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, CINEMA 4D, and Katana.
You can also run the Arnold License Manager from the command line.


See this playlist to learn how to use the Arnold License Manager.





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