Multiple shaders applied using operators


Operators can be useful for applying different looks by assigning shaders at render time. This can give you extra control at the end of the pipeline stage. It can be a powerful tool, especially useful when rendering Alembic files and Procedurals/Stand-Ins, where you may need to assign shaders to separate pieces of geometry.  

In this tutorial, we will cover how to look dev a robot character. This will involve exporting materials and looks as:

  • Arnold Procedural/Stand-In (.ass)
  • MaterialX (.mtlx)

using Alembic as a geometry transport.


Alembic files, GPU Caches, and Arnold Stand-ins have limited flexibility in what you can achieve with render time shading effects

Operators can give you far more flexibility with assigning shaders at render time



Thanks to Nikola Milosevic for his assistance with this tutorial.

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