Milestone 3.3.12


  • Added disp_padding to set displacement bounds: The displacement bounds are now set with the disp_padding attribute of the polymesh node. Previously, this was set via the disp_height parameter, which was also used to set the amplitude of displacement, causing confusion and even rendering artifacts in some cases. (trac#2399).
  • Adaptive subdivision fixes: A bug has been fixed in the flatness-based adaptive subdivision code, and as a result the renderer now produces more stable tessellations in animation, and more accurately reaches the target subdiv_pixel_error set by the user. This has the apparent effect of reducing the number of polygons, because the old, buggy code was over-tessellating. (trac#2330)

Bug fixes



#2330adaptive subdivision artifact in flatness modearnoldalanmajor3.33 months
#2393alpha channel shouldn't have random dithering in 8/16-bit outputarnoldmarcosmajor3.34 weeks
#2396NaNs coming from `AiLightsGetShadowMatte()`arnoldalanmajor3.34 weeks
#2398procedural expansion time stats are brokenarnoldmarcosmajor3.34 weeks
#2402SSS log messages should not appear at minimum verbosityarnoldmarcostrivial3.33 weeks




#2405reduce artifacts at bin boundaries in blue noise SSS point cloud construction3.3.12.1arnoldoscarmajor3.3.13
#2412'#' should be allowed in quoted string attributesass parsing,
#2442polygon_midpoint SSS skipping faces of axis aligned grids3.3.12.1arnoldalanmajor3.3.13
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