Milestone 4.1.2

November 25, 2013

  • Windows support for deep EXR2 driver: The driver_deepexr node, which was previously only working for Linux and OSX, now works in Windows too. (#3751)
  • Faster Perlin noise: AiPerlin3() has been optimized and is now 3.5x faster on top of the 1.4x speedup that was added in 4.1.1, for an accumulated 5x faster over 4.1.0. (#3746)
  • Reduced per-object memory footprint: We have reduced the per-object memory overhead for instances, polymeshes, curves and procedurals, which will help in scenes with millions of objects. As an added benefit, the ray accel build scalability has been slightly improved on machines with many CPU sockets. (#3770, #3728, #3772)
  • Miscellaneous optimizations in lights: The light source code has been optimized across the board, including a 7% speedup for scenes with manycylinder_light nodes, and an important reduction in memory for crazy scenes with hundreds of thousands of lights. (#1261, #3771, #3773)
Bug fixes


#3589crash in polymesh/ginstance if matrix has null scaling and rotationarnoldthiagocritical4.03 months
#3258Interruption leaves some nodes unrenderable during a begin/end sessionarnoldmikemajor4.010 months
#3768Deep Driver crash when only Z and A are outputarnoldramonmajor4.14 days
#2772disallow setting empty strings as a node namearnoldangelminor3.320 months
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