March 27th, 2019


This is a bugfix release, for a full list of features see the Arnold release notes.

Bug fixes

  • #8233: Support AA_sample_clamp on GPU
  • #8122: Noise in normal AOV on GPU
  • #8221: Fatal GPU message is not explicit enough
  • #8216: NVIDIA driver check is misreporting version as X.00
  • #8203: Rays/pixel render progress does not work

  • #8207: Stack overflow regardless of continuation stack size

  • #8211: Crash on render after setting null arrays to polymesh geometry data parameters

  • #8215: Unable to enable nodes that were disabled in the first render pass

  • #8227: Negative subsurface_color causes artifacts

  • #8230: GPU cache population not reporting errors

  • #8232: GPU: Crash with a mesh_light using a ginstance

  • #8219: Mesh light is wrongly marked as unsupported on GPU

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