June 10th, 2019


This is a bugfix release, for a full list of features see the Arnold release notes.

Bug fixes

  • #8422 Node initialization does not scale when there are procedurals that create many nodes
  • #7891 Curve rendering artifacts at small scales
  • #8369 Photometric light low light threshold issue
  • #8413 Linking a shader to transmission_depth doesn't work
  • #8436 AiASSWrite with open_procs TRUE crashes in a secondary universe
  • #8440 Crash when passing a null pointer to AiNodeDestroy
  • #8443 Alembic procedural translates subdiv_face_iterations as INT instead of BYTE
  • #7902 remove complaint for materials in alembic procedural
  • #8144 Extremely rare data race in AiTextureHandleAccess
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