This is a bugfix release, with some USD procedural enhancements. For a full list of features see the Arnold release notes.

USD enhancements

  • Primvar translation: The USD procedural now uses "primvars:st" and "primvars:uv" for UV coordinates, and "normals" for "nlist" on polymeshes. (usd#206)
  • USDVol support: The USD procedural now supports USD Volumes schemas. Using grids from two different files for a single volumes is not allowed. (usd#227)
  • Serialized USD: The USD procedural supports creating the stage from a set of strings without requiring a file. (usd#235)
  • Boolean parameters: The USD procedural now supports setting boolean parameters on Arnold nodes using bool, int or long USD attributes. (usd#238)

Bug fixes

  • #9236 AiProceduralViewport does not take visibility into account

  • #9427 AiUniverseGetCamera crashes when called before AiBegin()

  • #9459 Crash in Mayapy when loading MtoA on Linux

  • #8213 Crash on attempting to render too large a resolution

  • #9422 Crash on destroying a procedural after destroying its ginstances

  • #9403 Crash when adding additional OptiX denoiser filters interactively

  • #9439 Crash with atmosphere, AOV shaders, and non-opaque shader

  • #9443 Crash with degenerate camera

  • #9405 [GPU] Crash when using incompatible shaders

  • #8780 [GPU] Possible crash when using Gabor noise in OSL

  • #9363 Hang with large volumes and deep_exr output

  • #9433 Identically configured gaussian filters causing noisy outputs

  • #9369 MaterialX fileprefix not passed to the TX handler

  • #9426 Passing a null array to AiNodeSetArray crashes when enable_dependency_graph=true

  • #9434 [USD] Updated USD procedural to b043cdc845 (arnold-

  • #9448 Wrong log tabulation when using `-ipr` in kick

  • usd#222 [USD] Per-vertex UV coordinates causing errors
  • usd#211 [USD] Procedural fails to read shader output connections correctly
  • usd#228 [USD] Varying user data is not supported on points nodes
  • usd#239 [USD] BasisCurves are not rendered
  • usd#247 [USD] Incorrect width to radius translation in the procedural


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