This is a bugfix release. For the full list of features and requirements see the Arnold release notes.

Bug fixes

  • #9968 [Alembic] crash with bezier curves with radius
  • #9974 [Alembic] curves don't create instances with make_instance enabled
  • #9924 [Alembic] curves:radius doesn't override the radius of curves in archive
  • #9957 [Alembic] remapping not working with alembic procedural
  • #9956 Allow camera matrices with small scaling values
  • #9901 Apply remapping and environment variables to the ocio_color_manager config file
  • #9919 Don't allow zero epsilon in bump3d
  • #9985 Duplicate output detection broken with non existent paths
  • #9907 [GPU] Incorrect results with some LPEs
  • #9951 Hang when rendering thin OpenVDB volumes
  • #9983 kick --help has "session is already started" warning
  • #9892 min_pixel_width does not properly apply to objects within transformed procedurals
  • #10022 [OSL] Don't error when OSL plugins are not loaded
  • #9948 [OSL] Linking of closure parameters broken
  • #8722 Reported AOV sample memory usage is too high
  • #9954 Setting texture wrap to MISSING mode results in black border
  • usd#488 Implementing HdRenderDelegate::CreateRenderDelegate(const HdRenderSettingsMap& settingsMap)
  • usd#513 Reading the matrix in points viewport mode
  • usd#518 Accept both string and token for the varname parameter when translating preview materials for the render delegate
  • usd#530 Fixing the cylinder light orientation

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