This is a bugfix release. For the full list of features and requirements see the release notes.

System Requirements 

  • Windows 10 or later, with the Visual Studio 2019 redistributable.
  • Linux with at least glibc 2.17 and libstdc++ 4.8.5 (gcc 4.8.5). This is equivalent to RHEL/CentOS 7.
  • macOS 10.13 or later.
  • CPUs need to support the SSE4.1 instruction set. Apple Mac models with M series chip are supported under Rosetta 2 mode.
  • GPU rendering works on Windows and Linux only and requires an NVIDIA GPU of the Ampere, Turing, Volta, Pascal, or Maxwell architecture. We recommend using the 470.74 or higher drivers on Linux and 472.12 (Quadro), 472.12 (GeForce), or higher on Windows. See Getting Started with Arnold GPU for more information.
  • Optix™ denoiser requires an NVidia GPU with CUDA™ Compute Capability 5.0 and above.

Bug Fixes

  • ARNOLD-11890 - Crash with overlapping dielectrics using the same priority with only one using an interior closure
  • ARNOLD-11728 - Performance regression on some scenes introduced in Arnold
  • ARNOLD-11282 - Curve face index assignment to 0xFFFFFFFF causing crashes
  • ARNOLD-11875 - [GPU] Disabling lights interactively only works once
  • ARNOLD-11844 - [GPU] Error when interactively loading scenes with an atmosphere
  • ARNOLD-11782 - [GPU] Crash with empty grids in OpenVDB files
  • usd#933 Set Product Metadata
  • usd#953 AiMsgSet functions need to be called with a render session
  • usd#941 Avoid linking with hdx for older USD versions
  • usd#951 AiResolvePath is not called with a procedural file type
  • usd#962 Support building arnold-usd against USD 21.11

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