• Pure ray-tracing solution for film production rendering
  • Unbiased, physically based uni-directional path tracer
  • Cross-platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
  • Flexible and extensible node based architecture
  • User data definition (primvars)
  • C++ API (with Python bindings)
  • Ray server capabilities
  • Reduced number of parameters to tweak
  • Progressive refinement
  • Progressive modification of the scene elements
  • Takes full advantage of multi-core CPUs and SSE units
  • Support for extremely large polygon meshes with low memory footprint
  • Analytically ray-traced curves in ribbon and thick (cylinder) modes. Optional screen-space width constraints at render time
  • Points primitive for efficient rendering of hundreds of millions of particles
  • Analytic primitives (box, cone, sphere, cylinder, disk, plane)
  • Non-trimmed NURBS
  • Implicit surfaces
  • Volumes (including native support for OpenVDB)
Subdivision and Displacement
  • Catmull-Clark and linear subdivision
  • Adaptive subdivision based on an arbitrary camera
  • Vector Displacement
  • Autobump
  • Optimized for large numbers of instances
  • Transform and shading overrides
Procedural Geometry
  • Deferred creation of geometry nodes at render time
  • Modular assembly of scenes (DSO, .ass, .ply, .obj)
  • Recursive procedurals
  • Perspective, fisheye, spherical, cylindrical, orthogonal, VR
  • Bokeh effects
  • Depth of Field
  • API for writing custom cameras
  • Filtermap for vignetting-like effects
  • UV remapping for custom lens distortion
Output Drivers
  • Built-in drivers for common formats (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, EXR)
  • Deep Image Data support (EXR)
  • Arbitrary Output Variables (AOV) of any data type
  • Per-AOV filtering
  • API for custom drivers
Texture System
  • Based on a custom branch of OpenImageIO
  • State-of-the-art anisotropic filtering
  • On-demand loading of texture tiles
  • In-memory cache for efficient rendering of huge texture data sets
  • Low-latency texture lookups optimized for up to 256 threads
  • Per-file texture checksums to avoid reloading files with identical pixel content
Motion Blur
  • Efficient Transformation and deformation motion blur
  • All parameters can potentially support motion blur
  • High-quality area lights (quad, disk, cylinder, sphere, mesh, skydome, IES) with multiple importance sampling
  • Image-based lighting in skydome and quad lights with importance sampling
  • Light filters (attenuation, gobos, blockers...)
  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous volumetric participating media
  • C++ API for programmable shaders
  • OSL support for programmable shaders
  • Physically-based BSDFs
  • Procedural texturing primitives (Perlin noise, fractal noise, cellular)
  • Message passing
  • Pointcloud-less, ray-traced sub-surface scattering
Native scene description format (ASS)
  • Human readable, easy to tweak
  • Standalone rendering via kick
  • Pipeline friendly
  • File concatenation, easy building of assemblies
  • Debug modes as a native function of the renderer
  • Complete rendering process log
  • "Ignore" options and utility shaders
  • Floating license scheme based on Reprise Software's RLM


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