Download and Installation

Arnold, KtoA, and other downloads are available here.  Installation instructions come with KtoA, but can also be viewed here: Installation.


  • Arnold: 5.0.0+
  • Katana: 2.5v4+
  • Platforms:
    • Linux: x86-64, RHEL 6+ or compatible glibc
    • Windows: 7+ on x86-64, with VC++ 2015 redistributable installed


  • Update to Arnold the latest bug-fix version of Arnold is included, with many important fixes over 5.0.0.

  • Live rendering improvements: more parameter changes will be reflected in live rendering.

    • Enum shader parameter updates are applied. (#174)

    • Matrix shader parameter updates are applied. (#176)

    • Shaders connected to quad_light and skydome_light color and/or shader parameters, when changed, automatically flush caches and show the changes. (#173)

    • Light intensities and changes corrected. (#173)

    • Camera global and shutter settings now update properly (#3, #178)

  • Added missing camera parameters: a handful of particular camera parameters were missing, but are now added: (#179)

    • horizontal_fov and vertical_fov: the cyl_camera now can have these additional controls set.

    • autocrop: the fisheye_camera can now crop to the visible region, eliminating black spots where no rays are traced.

    • uv_remap: the persp_camera now allows a shader to be attached to remap the red/green UV space for distortion effects.

  • vr_camera added: Arnold 5 provides a built-in VR camera. This is now exposed, together with its parameters. Please see the documentation for more information. (#161)

  • Faster string operations: KtoA takes much better advantage of Arnold core AtString now, resulting in slightly faster translation time before the render starts, especially for large and complex scenes with many locations. (#177)

  • XGen for Maya 2018 fixes: A couple of additions for Maya 2018's version of XGen were added; multithreaded XGen generation is now turned on, and a missing library on Linux is now loaded. (#164)

Bug Fixes

  • #3 Shutter info not set properly during live rendering

  • #174 Enum parameter changes not reflected in live rendering

  • #175 Crash in live rendering at start of render

  • #178 Live camera changes not honored until render settings changed


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