Download and Installation

Arnold, KtoA, and other downloads are available here.  Installation instructions come with KtoA, but can also be viewed here: Installation.


  • Arnold: 5.0.1+
  • Katana: 2.5v6+, 2.6v1+
  • Platforms:
    • Linux: x86-64, RHEL 6+ or compatible glibc
    • Windows: 7+ on x86-64, with VC++ 2015 redistributable installed


  • Updated to Arnold This version brings a handful of bug fixes over

  • Update to Katana 2.5v6+: The version KtoA is qualified to work with is 2.5v6 or newer, although it is still likely to work with earlier 2.5 versions.

  • Shutter curve uses ramp widget: A new parameter shutterCurve on ArnoldGlobalSettings replaces shutter_curve, and uses the ramp (curve) widget, making it much easier to use.. (#112)

  • Ramp shaders use ramp widget: The ramp_float and ramp_rgb shaders now use ramp widgets.  This should make them easier to manage, but you will still need to manually add the interpolations for all values or Arnold will abort the render if they don't match.  There should be 2 more interpolations than visible control points on the ramps; see the help icons on the shader parameters for more information.  User shaders can also use the ramp widgets, see shaders/ktoa.mtd for examples on how to trigger usage of the new ramp widgets. (#112)

Incompatible Changes

  • Removed old shutter curve parameter: The older shutter_curve parameter on ArnoldGlobalSettings is still honored if present, but its settings should instead be put into the new shutterCurve parameter. If the update shelf script is run, the old parameter is removed. (#112)

  • Ramp shaders new defaults: The ramp shaders now provide four values by default instead of two in order to please Katana's ramp widget. It should have no real effect on ramp shader output, but be aware of the change. (#112)

Bug Fixes

  • #204 Cameras cannot be chosen as node shader parameters

  • #205 Fix crash in object ID handling for Katana 2.6v2

  • #206 Live render crash with light changes

  • #207 LPEs and light groups dropped in disk renders and for built-in channels


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