Download and Installation

Arnold, KtoA, and other downloads are available here.  Installation instructions come with KtoA, but can also be viewed here: Installation.


  • Arnold: 5.0.1+
  • Katana: 2.5v6+, 2.6v1+
  • Platforms:
    • Linux: x86-64, RHEL 6+ or compatible glibc
    • Windows: 7+ on x86-64, with VC++ 2015 redistributable installed


  • Update to Arnold this core version brings various bug fixes. Please see here for the list.

  • ArnoldXGen, ArnoldYeti, and ArnoldOpenVDB nodes infer time samples: ArnoldXGen, ArnoldYeti, ArnoldOpenVDBSurface and ArnoldOpenVDBVolume no longer require setting time samples and other shutter information, but will instead guess them from the render settings shutter if no times are specified. (#221)

  • ArnoldStandin: The ArnoldStandin node has been added for easy creation of a renderer procedural location representing an Arnold .ass file. It will try to use any bounds information from metadata within the file, or from any legacy sidecar .asstoc files. It is also capable of reading .obj and .ply files as standins. (#218)

  • Extended controls for material export: The ArnoldMaterialSettings node can now export shaders from all ports, e.g. surface, displacement, light, etc. There is a name override for each port type. Also, material export can be deferred, which is helpful for look file baking where the materials won't be resolved until later. (#222)

  • Light instancing: Although Arnold doesn't support instances of lights, KtoA will now appropriately copy lights that are children of an instance source location so they can be rigged as part of an instance source hierarchy. (#149)

  • Nested instancing: Nested instancing, by having an instance or pointcloud (with instance attributes) child location, is now supported. The nesting can be arbitrarily deep, and any nested cycles (an instance source eventually referring back to itself through the instance chain) will be detected. (#118)

  • SSS irradiance shader: On the ArnoldObjectSettings node there is a control for setting a particular shader to handle subsurface scattering irradiance. This impacts performance, so use this only when necessary; at times having detailed normals and/or textures in SSS irradiance is necessary to capture a particular look for smaller-radius SSS setups. This parameter can be set using the ArnoldUserData node with location-type as well, but that method is somewhat more complicated. (#217)

Incompatible Changes

  • ArnoldOpenVDB nodes don't override shutter by default: ArnoldOpenVDBSurface and ArnoldOpenVDBVolume now have an override parameter for motion which defaults to off. When turned on, the custom motion time range can be applied, but otherwise will be inferred from RenderSettings. (#221)

  • ArnoldMaterialSettings name overrides: The ArnoldMaterialSettings node has renamed the forceName parameter to forceSurfaceName (and is updated by the Arnold update shelf script). Please use the new parameters instead, which allow overrides of each shader type. (#222)

Bug Fixes

  • #219 XGen and Yeti motion before frame can get cut off

  • #226 Fix URLs for documentation in help popups

  • #227 indirect_sample_clamp changes not taking effect

  • #229 Crash when loading procedural plugin without extension


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