Release Date

December 13, 2018

Download and Installation

Arnold, KtoA, and other downloads are available here. Installation instructions come with KtoA, but can also be viewed here: Installation.


  • Arnold: 5.2.2
  • Katana: 2.6v1+, 3.0v1+, 3.1v1+
  • Platforms:
    • Linux: x86-64, RHEL 6+ or compatible glibc
    • Windows: 7+ on x86-64, with VC++ 2015 redistributable installed


  • Update to Arnold 5.2.2: The core version has been updated to 5.2.2, with improved photometric (IES) light sampling, hair shader anisotropy controls, and more; see the release notes. (#352)

Incompatible Changes

  • XGen multithreaded disabled: XGen is currently unstable when using multithreading, so the toggle is now removed and ignored on ArnoldXGen, and may be re-enabled at a later date when XGen handles internal multithreading better. Note that if you have multiple XGen procedural locations, that can also cause instability if parallel_node_init is turned on in ArnoldGlobalSettings, so if you experience crashes please turn that off as well. Finally, the XGen procedural in MtoA will be updated to guard against these crashes in the near future so that parallel_node_init does not need to be turned off. (#353)

Bug Fixes

  • #353 xgen multithreading is unstable


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