Rim Light

Rim Light

Specify the name of the light to be used here. Rim lighting is affected by the shadow of this light. The supported light types are: distant, point, spot, and photometric.

  • Mesh and skydome lights are not supported since they can create blurred results.
  • Multiple lights are not supported with rim_lighting.

Rim Light Color

The color of the rim light. Connect a ramp here to get a rim lighting effect. 

Rollover image to view effect of ramp on rim_light_color


If the rim_light_color is, for example, a constant white color, we get the result as in the left image below. If a ramp is connected, this can be used for controlling the overall width of the ramp as in the right image.


Adding colored ramps to rim_light_color can be useful for a wide variety of lighting scenarios. For example, lighting interior scenes, adding rim lighting to a planet, or lighting a character/sculpture.

Color ramp > rim_light_color (point_light). Rollover image.
Directional light. Rollover to view effect of ramp on planet.
Black and white ramp (white position animated).
Rollover image to view rim_light_color (directional light).

Rim Light Width

This option is implemented so that users do not need to connect a ramp node to use Rim Lighting.


Rim Light Tint

Tints the color of the rim light using the base color of the surface.


rim_light_color: white

AOV Rim Light

Rim light AOV.


Rendering Edges Separately

To save the beauty render (without edges) and edges separately, you must create an RGBA AOV (beauty) and Custom AOV (edges). Use a box_filter for the RGBA AOV (because the contour_filter uses box_filter internally) and a contour_filter for the edges Custom AOV. This enables you to render two separate images simultaneously, which also saves the overall rendering time.



Bedroom scene courtesy of David Vacek.

Rim Light Tint

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