This short guide demonstrates how to use the ArnoldXGen node to open and render an XGen file from Maya with Katana using KtoA.


You will first need to update the paths of the ArnoldXGen:

Arnold XGen 

There are two ways to set up the locations with the ArnoldXGen node:

  1. Use environment variables.
  2. Manually specify the paths.


The Maya and MtoA path is simply a path to the Maya installation and the MtoA installation. The xgen_location should be the location of the XGen plugin. If you open the plugin manager in Maya and look for the XGen plugin, it should tell you the location.


XGen path in Maya Plug-in Manager (select (info))

If you have MtoA at a different location, you will need to go to the plug-in manager, look where it's being loaded from, and remove plug-ins from that path. The plug-in manager will tell you the location of the binary plug-in, but the XGen op requires the location of the MtoA module, which is one level above (where you find the mtoa.mtd file or readme).

ArnoldXGen paths set up correctly

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