Common Parameters

The following parameters are the same for many of the driver nodes.



The pathname of the output file.


Specifies which color space to use for rendered images. Built-in values are linear sRGB and Rec709. The default value auto will use sRGB for 8-bit formats and linear otherwise.


Allows you to save the file in scanline or tiled mode. Scanline may work better with composition packages like Nuke or Fusion. If tiled is off the whole image buffer size will be allocated all at once for all the AOVs present in the scene. If enabled, Arnold will save the buckets as they are rendered, which reduces memory taken up by image buffers. 


Defines a padding around the crop region.


Applies a small amount of noise to the final pixel values. This helps minimize banding artifacts apparent on 8-bit output image file formats.


This option enables render check-pointing (or 'append mode'). By setting the corresponding output driver's .append attribute to true, Arnold will preserve previously rendered tiles and only work on the missing ones, appending them to the output files. If no image is present, the render will proceed as normal, creating a new image. If image specifications do not match, the render will be aborted.
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