vignetting  synopsis

Vignetting: 200. Rollover image to view without.

Use the lens effects imager to apply optical lens effects like vignetting.

You will need to increase the strength of the vignetting if the scene lights become brighter.



Input points to the previous imager operation in the chain (so that you can stack them and apply multiple operations serially).


Enables this imager.


Selects layers processed by this imager with a glob or operator expression. An imager can use a selection to determine what nodes will be selected to be processed by the imager at render time. The selection is an expression that can consist of multiple selections concatenated by: 

  • or (union)
  • and (intersection)
  • not (negation)
  • and not (exclusion)
  • () for nested scoping


Each selection uses glob patterns and regular expressions and a node will be processed by the imager if the expression matches the node name. By default, glob matching is used unless the selection is in a regex quote, i.e. r'<my_regex>'. For example:

(/group0/sphere* and not (/group0/sphere1 or /group0/sphere0)) or /group1/sphere3
not r'p(ickle|ringle)[0-9]+'
r'c(ar1|ar2)' or r'car[34]'


Vignetting amount.

bloom synopsis

bloom affects the intense brighter parts of the image


Bloom or glow is a post-processing effect that will blur pixels above a given threshold across the frame to simulate light bleeding on an imperfect lens.

bloom appears at the end of the rendering process and so it may take a moment for it to appear in the render view (complex scenes may take even longer).


Controls the minimum value at which pixels glow.

Default (0.9) applies bloom to hand and bulb. Higher threshold values show bloom on just the brightest specular highlight of the bulb.

The bulb filament cannot bloom because it is behind the glass. Bloom does not take glass (or any kind of light path) into account, only the intensity in the image.


Color of the glow for pixels above the threshold.

bloom_tint: white (default), emission_color: blue


Spread of the glow across the image, a value of 1 will cause the glow to spread on only a few pixels, a value of 10 will cover a good portion of the image.

bloom_radius is clamped to 1. To disable the effect you should set bloom_strength to 0.


Multiplier or weight of the glow accumulated on the original image. A value of 0 will return the original image.

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