Use the white balance imager to correct the image's white balance with reference illuminants, custom colors, or a blackbody temperature.



Input points to the previous imager operation in the chain (so that you can stack them and apply multiple operations serially).


Enables this imager.


Selects layers processed by this imager with a glob or operator expression. An imager can use a selection to determine what nodes will be selected to be processed by the imager at render time. The selection is an expression that can consist of multiple selections concatenated by: 

  • or (union)
  • and (intersection)
  • not (negation)
  • and not (exclusion)
  • () for nested scoping


Each selection uses glob patterns and regular expressions and a node will be processed by the imager if the expression matches the node name. By default, glob matching is used unless the selection is in a regex quote, i.e. r'<my_regex>'. For example:

specular or diffuse
not r'sss_(direct|indirect)'
r'color_(mask1|mask2)' or r'mask[34]'


White balance mode.


Standard illuminant name for illuminante mode.


Temperature for black body mode.

Light TypeColor Temperature in KelvinHue
Overcast daylight6000 K130
Noontime sunlight5000 K58
White fluorescent4000 K27
Tungsten/halogen lamp3300 K20
Incandescent lamp (100 to 200 W)2900 K16
Incandescent lamp (25 W)2500 K12
Sunlight at sunset or sunrise2000 K7
Candle flame1750 K5


Custom white balance color.

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