Include an operator graph and shaders from a referenced file. If the operator is in a graph which is connected to a procedural, the included shaders and any shader assignments made in the included operators are relative to the procedural's namespace in order to ensure portability.



Enable/disable the operator. Disabled operators are bypassed when the operator graph is evaluated.


Connected upstream operator nodes.


The reference .ass file containing the included operator graph and shaders (optional).


Specifies which operator in the included .ass file is set as the target operator. Setting the target here takes precedence over what target is defined in the .ass file (see below). The last terminal operator in the included .ass file is used if no target is used and nothing is defined in the .ass file (a terminal operator is an operator without any outputs).

Targets can be defined in the .ass file by setting a boolean user parameter 'is_target' with the value set to true.




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