What's new in Version 2.0

Version 2.0 of SItoA is based on version 4.0.1 of the Arnold core, and as such includes a number of important changes.



As the first version digit of the Arnold core changed, your license will need to be upgraded to remove the watermark. Contact us to obtain a new license file using the "licensing@..." email address.


Significant new features include:

• Transparency support for AOV. It is now possible to automatically compose through semi-opaque surfaces rendered using auto-transparency. You can enable this option (turned off by default because there is an associated performance hit in the Arnold core which will be improved for future releases) in the output tab of the renderer settings.

• The Hair shader now exposes direct_diffusedirect_specular and indirect_diffuse AOVs.

• ICE attributes on polymesh objects. Constant, per polygon and varying data are supported. It works only with Softimage 2012 and newer. The supported attribute types are: booleanintegerfloatvector3 and rgba. Instance, 2d vectors etc. are not exported.

• Implemented the new handle based texture lookups in the image shader node. This can give around 1.2 times speedups in texture/autobump heavy scenes and in simple scenes with very long filenames the speedup was closer to 2 times.

• Smooth tangents for subdivision surfaces option. This feature only works with subdivided objects and allows to have Ward anisotropy with a non-faceted look (the object needs UV).


Incompatible changes:

There are some incompatible changes introduced with Arnold This will make older scenes to render different than in previous versions.

• Now lights have a decay control, which has been removed from the Light Decay filter. By default lights use a physically correct quadratic decay and linear and cubic light decay types have been removed.

• Decay clamp and Decay radius have therefore been removed from the Light Decay filter.

• The default value of the specular_roughness parameter in the Standard shader has changed from 0.467138 to 0.466905


• Remember that now the shaders and the procedurals search path obey rules specified on the wiki here.

• In this version, only AOVs of type RGB support transparency.

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