What's new in Version 2.1

Based on version of the Arnold core.

Highlighted new features:

• SSS Skin Shader added. 

• *_Passthrough shaders added. 

• Color Lookup map shader with texture map support added. 

• ICE attributes on instanced lights. See Implementation details. 

• Ability to embed a DataWindow when saving EXR files. It stores a tight bounding box around non-empty pixels in the image, which can greatly accelerate compositing operations in Nuke as it will bebe interpreted in as a ROI (Region Of Interest). 

• Subframe deformation blur on ICE point clouds.


Incompatible changes:

Displacement Height no longer affects the displaced mesh's bounding box (i.e. the displacement "padding"). Now it only sets the scale for displacement. Displacement Padding must be set separately. If Displacement Padding is not set, you may get clipping artifacts in meshes with big displacements.



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