Release Date

July 25 2013

This version uses Arnold


  • Support for Multiple UV projections (#278). Color vertices at maps and normal maps will work as expected in all the cases.
  • New scene rebuild mode to control how scene changes are handled inside an IPR session (Auto, Always, Manual and Fly-through). See details.
  • Fog Shader exposed (#1630). See details.
  • Added a photometric light (#1088). See details.


  • Softimage 2011 is not supported anymore.
  • SItoA for Softimage 2014 will only work with SP2 or later due to an API compatibility break from Autodesk.
  • Due to the support for multiple UV projections, the look of old scenes using multiple uv projections can change.
  • The complex_fresnel shader has been removed as it was buggy and there are better solutions around it (#1632).
  • Improvements to the physical sky could break old scenes that used it.
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