What's new Version 2.3

SItoA version 2.3 is based on version of the Arnold core.

Highlighted new features:

• A new property, Arnold User Options, has been added. This is a general purpose property, consisting of a string, and flag to 'mute' (ignore) the property. If enabled, the string can be set to override any attribute of a core Arnold node. This can be useful for accessing new features in newer Arnold core releases even before they are fully supported natively in the SItoA UI. The property can be applied poly-meshes, hair, lights, cameras and point clouds.

• New spherical camera which helps to create lat-long environment maps more easily.

• Support for oriented curves for ICE strands. If no instance shape is in place, you can tell the curves primitive to orient the ribbons along the strand orientation directions. To do so, apply an Arnold Property to the pointcloud, and set the Curves Mode to Oriented Ribbon (ICE Strands).

• Export standins with all their materials and displacement for Exocortex Alembic. The Exocortex website has more details about Alembic for Arnold.

• The Stanford Polygonal format (.ply) has been added to the supported file extensions of standins (.ply support was added to Arnold core in 4.0.6).

• Added an ID mode to the utility shader to visualize a different color for each object which, unlike the obj mode which is based on the object name string, is guaranteed to not change through an animation.


New commands:

The following new commands have been added:

• SITOA_ExportObjects

• SITOA_AddUserOptionsProperties


See the SItoA Commands section for details.


Migration Issues:

Note that the SITOA_ExportScene command now no longer has a parameter toRender, this has been removed.



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