Release Date

18 December 2012

New Features

  • Custom Light Filter support. See details.
  • Custom Property to set images filter type, mipmap bias, wrapping to the image nodes.
  • Centralized Arnold menu, where you can get access to all the Arnold properties and nodes.
  • Flags support to resolve tokens for the standin's data and user parameters.


  • We have changed the light filter workflow but support the legacy filters for a couple of releases, for scenes saved with a previous SItoA version. These scenes, when loaded, will default to the old method, and the new filter shaders, if applied, will be ignored. For new scenes, or for old ones with re-generated rendering options, you'll see a new flag, which allows you to use the legacy properties in the renderer settings.
  • To apply the new Arnold_Texture_Options property to the image nodes, select an image and run Arnold->Properties->Texture Options. The property is placed under the Custom folder of the image.
  • We have improved various aspects of the SITOA commands. Now, the SITOA_Add*Properties commands will return the collection of added properties, so to easy custom scripting, as well as exposed commands for creating lights. See SItoACommands.
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