Release Date

February 22 2013

This version uses the Arnold core.

Highlighted New Features


  • Volume Rendering support. See implementation details.
  • Per-light scaling for Diffuse / Specular / SSS.
  • Exported .ass files are now smaller and faster to read and write thanks to enhanced binary encoding.
  • Secondary specular highlight in hair shader.
  • The Standard Shader can now compute Fresnel reflectance based on the IOR.
  • Multiple objects can be tagged as belonging to the same SSS set so that illumination will blur across object boundaries. This is done via the "SSS Set Name" string found in polymeshes. This feature is only available in raytraced SSS, and not in pointcloud-based SSS.
  • The Image node now supports ICE texture coordinates.
  • Sharper textures.



  • SItoA now defaults to raytraced SSS instead of pointcloud-based SSS (which is deprecated and will disappear in a future version). Scenes saved with older versions will render differently, potentially noisier, depending on the AA and BSSRDF sample settings.
  • Textures Glossy Blur default value has been changed to 0 to reflect the improvements done in Glossy reflections using the Cook-Torrance BRDF, which will now pull the correct texture mipmap level across all distances while maintaining an optimal amount of texture sharpness and reducing the texture I/O.
  • Renamed the per-light "Bounces" and "Bounce Factor" parameters to "Max Bounces" and "Indirect" to better reflect their purpose.
  • For the new texturetime AOV to work, the global option shader_timing_stats must be enabled first. This is not exposed in the UI, so it must be added through the User Options field in the renderer settings. Note that shader_timing_stats should only be used for debugging and not for final renders, as the more accurate timing will cause renders to be a little slower.
  • Sharper textures involve a bit of expense of increased texture file I/O and will improve the look of previous scenes. If you want to go back to older look you must set to 1.0 the `texture_max_sharpen` parameter in the User Options field in the renderer settings.
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