Release Date

April 15 2013

This version uses Arnold


  • Faster export times.
  • Improved behavior on isolate selection.


  • Beware: We now follow the official Softimage cross-platform deployment workflow. This means that the SItoA plugin is installed in the Application\Plugins\bin\nt-x86-64 folder on Windows and Application/Plugins/bin/linux on Linux. This can make old scenes stop working unless the shaders_path and procedurals_path are changed to reflect the new path.
  • Beware: We have removed the legacy light filters and the sta_displacement shader, which can make old scenes stop working.
  • This is the first release with Linux binaries.
  • This is the first version supporting Softimage 2014.
  • Support for the Softimage motion blur property has been removed. The Arnold Parameters PPG now has two checks to independently disable transformation and deformation motion blur.



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