November 4, 2015

This version uses Arnold


  • Added support for per-node ICE attributes on polymeshes (SItoA #1917).
  • Custom metadata for deep EXR outputs (SItoA #1922).
  • The standard and lambert shaders now use Russian Roulette termination to more efficiently render with high GI depth. For AA samples 5 or higher the increase in noise is typically very small. Indoor scenes with high GI depth will benefit the most, but also scenes with lots of glass and high refraction/reflection depth. In such scenes we have measured between 1.5x and 5x faster renders. (core #4901).
  • Render options and stats in EXR metadata: Several global render options, such as sample settings and ray depths, are now stored in the image file as EXR metadata (core #4849, #4860).


  • Fixing broken CAVs and UVs on objects with geometry operators such as local subdivisions (all versions) and boolean (2013 only) (SItoA #1623, #1652, #1841, #1919).
  • Incorrect render with matte surfaces behind volumes (core #4918)

Linux installation notes

  • Starting from SItoA 3.6.0  (which uses Arnold, the minimum requirements for Linux have been raised to the equivalent of RHEL/CentOS 6 for glibc and libstdc++. However, Softimage ships with a legacy libstdc++ that is put in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and that hijacks the system one, making it impossible to load the Arnold DSO. To fix this, one solution is to preload the system libstdc++ before launching Softimage:


    export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/


    Another solution is to remove the libstdc++ from the Softimage install and let the system one take over, for example:
    cd my_softimage_install/Application/bin
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