December 19, 2016

This version uses Arnold (see also Arnold


  • Updated to Arnold
  • Light portals mode for skydome, now having a portal_mode parameter with options off, interior_only and interior_exterior to respectively turn off portals, block any light outside portals for interior only scenes, and let light outside portals through for mixed interior and exterior scenes. 

  • Complex IOR shader, to render materials with complex index of refractions.  It also comes with a number of presets for common metals. This shader should be used as a specular/reflection color map in the Standard shader, with the Fresnel option disabled, as it does its own Fresnel calculations.

  • Thin film shader, reproducing the interference pattern effects of a thin film on a surface. It can be linked to the Specular or Reflection color of a Standard shader with the Fresnel option disabled, as the shader does its own Fresnel calculations.
  • Flakes shader: creates a procedural flake normal map that can be used for materials such as car paint. Note that the map does not perform any filtering, so small flakes require more AA samples to render cleanly. 
  • mib_texture_remap's transform parameter is now texturable.
  • shadow_matte shader enhanced and not conflicting anymore with the shadow_matte built-in AOV.
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