Release Date

November 12 2014

This version uses Arnold


  • The ambient occlusion shader has a new check to only gather occlusion against the same object.
  • Subdivision soft creases and ICE-driven edge and vertex creases are supported.
  • The importance sampling tables needed by textured quad area lights can now be computed in parallel. This can result in important speedups in scenes with many lights that use high-resolution tables.
  • Faster thread creation/destruction.
  • Reduced texture IO.


  • Now we expose the new Arnold 4.2.2 matte parameter from shapes in the same Arnold matte PPG. We removed the old matte functionality that was implemented through the STA_SHADINGROOT shader.


  • SSS with zero diffusion radius: previously such shaders would render black, now the result is the same as a diffuse BRDF. This affects the standard shader.
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