Arnold can generate a log reporting all the steps needed to render an image, as well as any warnings and errors encountered by the renderer. This log also provides detailed statistics that are useful for debugging, optimizing and benchmarking renders. The log can be sent to the Softimage console or to a file.




Specify whether logs are to be written to the console.


Specify whether logs are to be written to file (the location of the file is specified in the Output Path setting below).


Specifies the amount of information in the log messages (Warnings being least and Debug most) and whether log messages are sent to the console or written to a file. 

  • Errors (default): Show errors only.
  • Warning + Info: Show warnings, statistics and any info that does not slow down rendering.
  • Debug: Shows all information. Take care when using this mode as render times may increase.

Detailed Texture Statistics

Enable very useful per texture statistics, with time spent on texture queries, amount of texture data read, memory consumption, etc

Max. Warning Messages

Limits the number of warning messages that are sent to the console.

Output Path

The output path for log files (if logging to file is enabled above). You can use environment variables or Softimage tags like [Project Path].

Resolved Path

Shows the resolved path where log files will be saved.



This group of switches allows you to disable a number of important rendering features. By selectively disabling some features, you can get a feel for where the renderer is spending most of the time, which helps optimizing scenes. This is also useful for isolating errors and artifacts when debugging. Note that not all of these options are interactive - some of them may require the entire scene to be refreshed/exported.


Ignore all textures when rendering.


Ignore all shaders when rendering, Arnold will render with a simple n_dot_eye shader instead.



Ignore atmospheric shaders. 


Ignore all light sources.


Don't perform shadow calculations.


No objects will be subdivided. This parameter is not interactive.


Displacements will be ignored. This parameter is not interactive.

Motion Blur

Ignores all motion keys. 

Sub-Surface Scattering

Ignore subsurface scattering.


Ignore hair objects.

ICE Point Clouds

Ignore ICE objects.


Ignore stand-ins.

User Options  

Ignore setting user options (if there are any applied on objects, camera, lights, or globally to the rendering options).

Matte Properties

Ignore all the Arnold matte properties in the scene. 


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