SItoA implements a series of Softimage events. The full list can be displayed in the Events tab of the Plugin Manager. Be sure to enable User Addon in the Filter options.


Fired on a pass change, destroys the Arnold scene.


Fired on closing a scene, destroys the Arnold scene.

SITOA_OnObjectAdded, SITOA_OnObjectRemoved  

Notify SItoA that a new object or light was added or removed. In this case, SItoA is able to update the Arnold scene without destroying it.


Fired when any parameter is changed. SItoA tries to update the current Arnold scene if the change is IPR compatible.

SITOA_OnBeginSceneSave, SITOA_OnBeginSceneSaveAs

On saving a scene, SItoA stored the current plugin version together with it.


On opening a scene, SItoA reads the plug-in version the scene was saved with. If it's different from the current plug-in version, a warning is logged into the script editor.


Triggers the UI definition for the dll-so shaders.


Every tenth of a second, SItoA prints the messages into the script editor. The messages coming from the several modules of the plug-in are not printed "live". Instead, they are pushed into a queue that is actually printed out by this event. This ensures that only the main thread is responsible for logging messages, as advised by the SDK. If you disable the event, you won't get any message.

SITOA_OnEndNewScene, SITOA_OnStartup

On startup, or on a new scene event, SItoA establishes some basic setup for the scene. For example, the default light is replaced by an Arnold distant light.


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