Release Date

October 02, 2015

This version uses the Arnold core.



  • Arnold Sky rotation export is wrong
  • Crash on quit when the Tx Manager window is docked
  • Crash when IPR is redirected to the viewport and viewport is maximized
  • IPR does not update when moving Focus Object of the camera
  • Wrong ASS export using simulators (e.g. Emitter)
  • Change label of standard.dispersion_abbe
  • Fixed shadow opacity in shadow matte shader
  • Show correct output data type in network editor
  • Bring the network editor window to the front when clicking open
  • Crash when rendering xpTrail in Constraint mode with motion blur


  • Limitations of Arnold Light viewport display:
    • Arnold specific settings (like. color texture, radius, etc.) are not supported.

    • Skydome light is not supported.

  • Limitations of Arnold Sky viewport display:
    • Physical sky is not supported.
    • Lighting is not supported.
    • If a shader network material is linked to sky color then only a root image shader is supported, UV settings of the image shader are not supported.


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