HtoA 1.9.1

8 December 2015

Automatic TX generation, improved stereo rendering and many fixes.


HtoA 1.9.1 was initially released with some erroneous binary extension files for the psutil Python module in the Windows builds.

Please make sure you download and install the fixed r1604 builds.

  1. Get the install files on Solid Angle Downloads.
  2. Follow these installation instructions.

This release uses Arnold and OpenVDB 3.0.0.

Binaries available for the following Houdini, Houdini FX or Houdini Education production builds:

  • 15.0.313
  • 14.0.474

and for the following platforms:

  • Linux x86_64 (gcc4.4 for H14, gcc4.8 for H15)
  • Windows 7 x64 (vc11)
  • Mac OS X 10.8+

Please note that Houdini Apprentice and Houdini Indie do not support third party renderers and thus cannot run HtoA.

  • Automatically generate TX textures: Tiled and mipmapped TX textures will now be automatically generated for each image shader. This behavior can be disabled per texture. In addition, the TX texture will be linearized according to the colorspace parameter. The linear, sRGB and Rec.709 colorspaces are currenlty supported. The default value auto will heuristically determine the colorspace from the bit depth and type of the texture. Changes to the texture filename and colorspace will correctly trigger IPR changes and rebuild the TX texture if necessary. Note that UDIM textures are handled and will generate a TX texture for each tile. Lasty, a reload button is available to force TX regeneration, flushing of texture cache and IPR update (htoa#497)
  • Improved stereo rendering: The filename parameter of the beauty and AOVs rendered separately now accept the [EYE] token to be specified in the path. When such a token is detected in a filename, the scene will be rendered once for each camera specified in the vm_cameralist parameter of a stereo camera rig, and the [EYE] token will be replaced by the camera's subcamtag property in the path. Also the camera selection will now obey the stereo eye selected in the Edit > Stereo Eye menu (stereoleftright or center) (htoa#654)
  • UV Transform shader: A new shader that alters the UV coordinates before evaluating the shader connected to its passthrough input, with 2 highly tweakable nested transforms and various options for repetitions and symmetries (csp#88)
  • Pattern for ramp shaders: The ramp_rgb and ramp_float shader have and additional Pattern parameter to output values according to UVs, with different patterns such as circular, radial, box, etc. (htoa#723)

  • Force export materials: You can now specify on the Arnold ROP a list of materials to export regardless of whether they are assigned to an object or primitive (htoa#593)

  • Angular velocity for instance motion blur: The angular velocity attribute w is now taken into account when motion blurring point instances. Moreover the transform defining attributes such as N, orient, rot, pscale, up, v, trans and pivot are sampled at each time step, allowing complex motion blur of the instances transform (htoa#712)

  • Licensing dialog: Available from the Arnold menu, a simple dialog to troubleshoot and install license files. You can query the license status, save diagnostic information to a file to send to support or copy your host ID to the clipboard to generate a node-locked license (htoa#724)
  • New metadata for shader UI: Numerous new metadata have been added to customize shader parameters, UI and behavior, such as houdini.join_next, houdini.no_labelhoudini.callback, and extra parameter metadata to create additional separators, ramps, toggles, menus and buttons. See documentation for details (htoa#497)

  • Invalid houdini.env after installation on Windows (htoa#683)
  • Several versions of Houdini can run the same version of HtoA without re-installing (htoa#572)
  • Cannot override the output filename with hrender (htoa#721)
  • Fixed erroneous default PNG pixel format (htoa#720)
  • Cannot specify the number of threads for interactive or batch renders (htoa#256)
  • Fix memory leaks in color_convert and matrix_multiply_vector shaders (htoa#723)
  • Wrong bounds in .asstoc when hou.RopNode.render() called for a single frame (htoa#726)
  • Display log messages in the status bar of Houdini when the Arnold universe is not active (htoa#497)
  • Cannot export frame as integer user data for procedurals such as Yeti (htoa#728)
  • Render metadata should have short names for maximum OpenEXR compatibility (core#4954)
  • Bounding box given by options.curved_motionblur is clipped (core#4997)
Incompatible changes
  • Because the textures are now linearized by default, some scenes might require to adjust the colorspace of textures manually to preserve the same look (htoa#497)

See also the Arnold and Arnold release notes for the full list of core enhancements.

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